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About Pherobank


Pherobank offers top quality pheromones for the selective detection of over 150 different harmful insects. Almost 400 different chemicals are available from stock and are swiftly dispatched after receiving your order. Our quality control guarantees optimal use in pheromone identification work.

Pherobank offers the world’s largest collection of pheromone compounds. We develop, produce and sell pheromone lures that are used worldwide for the selective detection of (harmful) insect species. New pheromones are continuously being identified and can be identified upon request.

25 years experience
Pherobank develops, produces and sells pheromone lures and reference pheromone compounds. More than 25 years of experience in pheromone identification and synthesis has enabled us to lay claim to the world’s largest collection of lepidopteran sex pheromone compounds. The quality of these carefully purified chemical compounds is under constant supervision. Almost 400 different chemicals are now commercially available and are used worldwide as reference for pheromone identification work.



Ready for use
Ready-for-use lures for monitoring purposes are available from stock for over 150 different species, mostly lepidopteran. In our lures we use exclusively optimized pheromone blends. A loading of in general 1 mg or more of the active ingredients ensures high attractivity plus longevity of our pheromone lures. We produce custom lures in quantities of up to a million. Our analytical facilities ensure the highest quality possible.

Our pheromone lures are used together with special traps as a very selective method for the detection of a particular insect species. With the obtained information, growers may gain a better timing of pesticide application, thus reducing the use of these potentially polluting compounds.

Our products are supplied with simple and effective user guides. We supply our product together with transparent delta traps, which are unattractive for non-target species. In combination with the easy-to-use sticky inserts they form the perfect combination for insect monitoring. We also supply special stickers for recording the number of males caught.



Pherobank is part of the product range of Plant Research International. The institute combines a lengthy tradition in strategic research with a global outlook and next-generation standards of innovation. Top quality research is combined with up-to-date business development.

The scientific environment of Pherobank guarantees a state-of-the-art solution for plant health and gives access to national and international networks of phytopathology, crop protection and phytosanitation. The pheromone research of Plant Research International dates back to around 1970, when pheromones were identified of the summerfruit tortrix Adoxophyes orana and the South American potato tuberworm Phthorimaea operculella.




If you would like to know more about Pherobank products, such as product range and prices, please contact us.





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New products
Pherobank can identify new sex pheromones upon your request. Newly identified pheromones can be claimed, synthesized, and formulated. Furthermore, Pherobank has all the necessary equipment to perform quality checks on all kinds of pheromone products. Non-commercial pheromone chemicals for research purposes can also be synthesized and/or formulated on request.

Orders smaller than 5000 lures are normally dispatched within one week after acceptance of the written order. For larger quantities clients are contacted to make arrangements for optimal delivery.



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