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(-)-α Copaene is a liquid hydrocarbon found in a number of essential oil-producing plants. The name is derived from that of the resin-producing tropical copaiba tree, Copaifera langsdorfii, from which the compound was first isolated in 1914. Its structure, including the chirality, was determined in 1963 by the group of V.H. Kapadia (Tet. Lett. 4(28), 1933-1939 (1963)).
Copaenes are chiral tricyclic sesquiterpenes. The α-copaene enantiomer most commonly found in higher plants exhibits a negative optical rotation of about −6°.

Our (-)-α Copaene is attractive for Ceratitis capitata (tested as 20% copaene in ginger root oil).

Product description:

(-)-α Copaene

CAS No: [3856-25-5]
Pherobank product number: 10702
Formula: C15H24
Molecular weight: 204.357
Purity: ˜94% (see figure 1)
Availability: gram quantities typically in stock


Figure 1
GC-MS trace of the current (-)-α Copaene batch.

GC-MS trace of the current (-)-α Copaene batch.

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