Newly available Pherobank product, pheromone lure for Diaphania pyloalis

Diaphania pyloalis

Synonym: Glyphodes pyloalis

English: Lesser mulberry pyralid

Mulberry is the only host for rearing silkworms (Bombyx mori) and is important as a shade tree in cities. The mulberry pyralid, Diaphania pyloalis Walker, is a serious pest of mulberry (monophagous) in countries such as Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, China, India, Iran, Japan, North/South Korea and Taiwan. This pest causes serious damage to mulberry plantations and has become a severe threat to silk production.

Figure 1. Pheromone of Diaphania pyloalis


The female pheromone of Diaphania pyloalis has been identified by the group of Honda in 1990 as (E,E,Z)-10,12,14-hexadecatrienyl acetate (Figure 1), (

Our chemists have synthesized the pheromone and ready-for-use lures are now available from Pherobank.

Figure 2. Male Diaphania pyloalis moths trapped with Pherobank pheromone lures.

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