Newly available Pherobank product, pheromone lure for Contarinia pyrivora

Contarinia pyrivora

English: Pear gall midge
French: Cécidomyie des poirettes
Dutch: Perendikkopgalmug or perengalmug

The pear gall midge, Contarinia pyrivora (Riley) (Diptera: Cecidiomyidae) is an increasingly important pest of pears in Europe and North America. Adults emerge from the soil in spring, mate and lay eggs in the unopened blossom. The larvae penetrate into the ovary and destroy the developing fruitlets. Control with insecticides is difficult because of the lack of effective products compatible with IPM programmes and the need for very precise timing of application. The pest is particularly important in organic orchards where removal of infested fruits by hand is often the only effective control method available.

Recently, the female pheromone of Contarinia pyrivora has been identified by the group of David Hall (Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, UK) as (2R,7R)-2,7-diacetoxyundecane (Figure 1).


Pheromone of Contarinia pyrivora

Figure 1. Pheromone of Contarinia pyrivora

Traps baited with (2R,7R)-2,7-diacetoxyundecane were demonstrated to provide a sensitive and accurate means of monitoring the short and often intense emergence period of adult Contarinia pyrivora midges in trials in The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and France.

This pheromone formulated in read-for-use lures is now available from Pherobank.

For more information please see:

  • Pheromones and other Semiochemicals in Integrated Production and Integrated Protection of Fruit Crops IOBC-WPRS Bulletin Vol. 166, 2023 pp. 119-120


· Contarinia pyrivora pheromone lure, Pherobank article #: 50459
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