Customer satisfaction survey

In summary the overall responses were very positive and we are of course very pleased with this outcome. Since we can imagine that the answers to some of the questions are also relevant to other customers, we have highlighted a few in this news article.

Pherobank focuses on the development, production and formulation of insect pheromones and other semiochemicals. We do not have a webshop, however emails sent to and orders sent to will be processed ASAP.

Pherobank has recently updated the website and added more than 50 new pheromone lures. Our catalogue will be updated as well and will become available early next year (pdf-version only).

Our pheromones can be formulated in natural rubber, plastic vials, special waxes, (biodegradable) polymers or in our new Omnilure large capacity lure (figure 1). The type of formulation largely depends on what we have experienced to be the most effective in terms of attractivity and/or field life.  Please keep in mind, in case of a plastic vial lure, that it is very important to keep the lid of the lure closed at all times. The pheromone is largely absorbed and will diffuse through the plastic wall.

Pherobank can supply more products than we show on our website.  Please inquire if you have any special requirements.  We will do our utmost to help you get the best pheromone-based solution possible.

Figure 1. Omnilure large capacity lure. Closed during transport, open to activate.
Figure 2. The lid of the plastic vial lures must be kept closed.

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