Newly available Pherobank products, pheromone lure for Stenoma catenifer

Stenoma catenifer

English: avocado seed moth
Spanish: polilla del fruto del palto

The avocado seed moth, Stenoma catenifer is one of the most important moth pests in avocado-growing regions of the world. Larvae feed on fruit flesh and burrow into the seed, producing large amounts of frass and causing the fruits to drop from the tree prematurely. Larval damage renders the fruits unfit for commercial sale, leading to significant economic losses.

The female produced pheromone for this insect has been identified by the group of Jocelyn Millar (Tetrahedron Lett. 49(33), 4820-4823) as the highly unsaturated aldehyde (9Z)-9,13-tetradecadien-11-ynal. This pheromone formulated as ready-to-use lures is now available from Pherobank.

Stenoma catenifer

Figure 1. Pheromone of Stenoma catenifer

  • Stenoma catenifer pheromone lure, Pherobank article #: 50325
  • only available as lures

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